Friday, 20 September 2013

Miss GlossyBox July/August

This month's Miss GlossyBox was in a purple box and again with another drawstring bag. I'm looking forward to getting a colourful collection of these. They forgot to put a card in this time so I had to look online to see their retail value and where i can get it from.
First item was VO5 "plump it up" backcombing spray. It is £3.69 at Superdrug. It smells good and it works really well. I will be repurchasing 100% !
This next item made the whole box smell absolutely amazing! It was a Miss Patisserie macaroon bath bomb. I have already used half of this and it smells great . It doesn't make any bubbles bu it does make the bath pink and lovely. They sell for £2.20 on their website.
I was really excited to see these beautiful pink, zebra print rhinestone nail wraps from kiss. These sell for £5.98 at asda . I probably wouldn't have brought these due to the price but I look forward to trying these out for a special occasion and the fact there's 18 means i have replacements when i mess up.

Next was a sample of Beyonce's "Midnight Heat" perfume. To be honest I only ever like perfume samples if they have a spray top and this one didn't. But it does smell lovely and it was wrapped like a sweet and that was cute. 
Last of all was a pair of glossybox false eyelashes. I don't wear fake eyelashes and these are father full. I could wear them for a party or Halloween though.
This months Miss GlossyBox was great but not everything was very ME! I do love this subscription. I love getting little beauty surprises!

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