Friday, 20 September 2013

Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 2

I was so excited on Thursday that I could pick up the next issue of Disney Cakes and Sweets. The second issue was £2.50 and next week it will go up to it's normal price of £3.99. This week the "free" gift was silicone Winnie the Pooh moulds.
Inside the magazine this week there was recipes for Winnie the Pooh and friends cake, Mrs Potts' cream-tea scones, Flower's fabulous fudge, Pinocchio's favourite florentines, 101 Dalmation cake pops, Rosetta's cute coconut ice, the second part to build your castle cake , different pasteries and making moulded chocolate figures.I'm so excited to try these recipes out and I look forward to the next issue out on Thursday 26th September.

Miss GlossyBox September/October

Yay! I'm loving this months Autumn Box. It comes in a nice yellow bag and this month i received 7 items.In my last box i didn't get a card but this month I got 2! I wonder if GlossyBox realised so they wanted to make it up to me !  
 The first item is a Katy Perry "Killer Queen" perfume sample. I know most GlossyBox and Miss GlossyBox subscribers feel the same about perfume samples but this smelt amazing and it came with a spray top so i can use it a few times. I am thinking about getting this scent for christmas.
I was really impressed with the next product. It's a JvC soft touch eyeliner. It is really creamy and pigmented.  However, i did think it was strange getting another eyeliner as we got one in the first box but i prefer this one. This is full size and it's retail price is £6.95. The box costs £7 so you have almost got your money's worth in one eyeliner.
I also like this Skinetica Anti- blemish gel. It's not really a gel its more of an oil but as a teenager i'm willing to try any skin care poducts. It's retail price is £6.99 for 80m and this is a very good size sample.
Next I received an NYC "In a NY color minute"  in the shade times square and a NYC show time nail art polish in a silver shade. The Times square shade costs £1.79 and claims to dry in 60 seconds. I look forwad to try this out.
Also in my Miss GlossyBox was posh pout in a lilac colour bu beauty uk. It comes out like it looks in the packaging and has a mint scent. I thought the mint scent was strange as i would expect a product this shade to smell sweet like fruit or something. This isn't really my shade and I would rather have the coral colour (I saw others get) but I will still use it. The retail price is £2.99 as this is a full size.
As an extra treat I got an English Rain (the debut album or Gabrielle Aplin) pocket mirror. This will be useful to take to school to touch up makeup as one size is magnified.

This is by far my favourite Miss GlossyBox so far and I hope the November/December is as good or even better!

Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 1

The other day I saw this magazine being sold for 99p. Disney + Baking= My heaven. So i thought it would be would be worth buying even if it was just for the free mickey mouse cookie cutter and Winnie the pooh stencils.

Issue one includes a recipe for giant Mickey Mouse cookies, Winnie the Pooh honey cupcakes,  Sleeping beauty marshmallow pillows, 101 dalmation cake, Pluto's passionfruit tarts, Bullseye's best ever brownies, Minnies fruity chocolate chunks, the first part of build a castle cake and  a variety of sponge cake recipes. I think I'm going to subscribe so I can have a whole collection of disney bakeware. I would defiantly recommend this magazine for disney and baking fans alike. 

Miss GlossyBox July/August

This month's Miss GlossyBox was in a purple box and again with another drawstring bag. I'm looking forward to getting a colourful collection of these. They forgot to put a card in this time so I had to look online to see their retail value and where i can get it from.
First item was VO5 "plump it up" backcombing spray. It is £3.69 at Superdrug. It smells good and it works really well. I will be repurchasing 100% !
This next item made the whole box smell absolutely amazing! It was a Miss Patisserie macaroon bath bomb. I have already used half of this and it smells great . It doesn't make any bubbles bu it does make the bath pink and lovely. They sell for £2.20 on their website.
I was really excited to see these beautiful pink, zebra print rhinestone nail wraps from kiss. These sell for £5.98 at asda . I probably wouldn't have brought these due to the price but I look forward to trying these out for a special occasion and the fact there's 18 means i have replacements when i mess up.

Next was a sample of Beyonce's "Midnight Heat" perfume. To be honest I only ever like perfume samples if they have a spray top and this one didn't. But it does smell lovely and it was wrapped like a sweet and that was cute. 
Last of all was a pair of glossybox false eyelashes. I don't wear fake eyelashes and these are father full. I could wear them for a party or Halloween though.
This months Miss GlossyBox was great but not everything was very ME! I do love this subscription. I love getting little beauty surprises!

First Miss GlossyBox May/June

Miss GlossyBox is a bi-monthly subscription for teen girls. The first box came in a nice green bag which could be useful for travelling or something. In this box I received 7 items which is great considering it costs £7.
 The first item i recieved was the "Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask" by Amie. The full size is 75ml and costs £4.95. This is a 10ml sample so it should be plenty to test it out and see if I want to buy i full size.
 Next I saw the "So...? Va Va volume" dry shampoo. It smells quite nice (not as great as I expected for So...?) and it adds volume so I'm excited to try this out. A full size is 150ml and costs£2.49. This is 50ml so is worth about 80p. 
 Next I got a 2 True nail polish in shade 6. It's really cute and has rose-gold glitter flakes in. This is a full size worth £1.99 . I was slightly disappointed as the bottom of the glass was chipped but it didn't effect the product.
 Next I pulled out a Beauty UK black eye pencil. It isn't the best eyeliner I have seen but it is very pigmented and from what I've seen so far it is nice and waterproof. It is worth £1.99.
 So, the main reason I wanted to try this box was the fact you got a Molly Mabel Popband and I really like these. I was quite disappointed that I got a plain white one with no bead when i saw other people got really nice one. I will wear it though and it is worth about £4.
 Next, was not on the card but is an eye rock eye tattoo. I looked online and saw these sold for around £5. I can't see myself wearing these casually but maybe for Halloween. 
 Another one that wasn't on the card was a heart shaped lollipop. It was very yummy and a nice little extra.
 Last of all was a colourful nail set. It was nice and a girl can never have too many nail sets.
Overall, I thought this box was worth the money and i will continue with this subscription.